Featured Stock N° 001

Posted on October 16, 2012 by Luis Valdizon

We are now carrying the latest offering from Kinfolk magazine. Here's what they have to say about Volume 5: "This autumn issue explores how refining our senses - taste, sight, sound, touch, and smell - enriches the experiences we have with each other. The pages also delve into practical ideas and recipes for entertaining as the leaves begin to fall: herb drying at home, fall camping, meals to take surfing and new seasonal traditions. Over 50 artists contribute personal essays, photographs, paintings, and films."

Also on our shelves are personalized antique silver spoons from The Loving Spoon. They offer a beautiful option for gifts with a more personal touch for most occasions. And if the messages on the spoons we are stocking fall short of what you want to communicate, don't fret just contact their Vancouver based designer Maya via her website with your request. www.thelovingspoon.net