Fall-Inspired Apple Custard Tart

Posted on October 19, 2012 by Luis Valdizon

Our talented and beautiful cook, Melissa, has made one of the most delicious sweets our head barista and manager Klee Larsen has ever had at Marché. Last night, Klee, kindly packed one for me to go, and to be frank I forgot about the stunning little tart waiting for me in the fridge. So this morning, I woke and started going through my morning coffee ritual when the existence of the dessert dawned on me. After sampling it, I agree with Klee wholeheartedly. This is without a doubt a pastry that I'll find myself longing on rainy fall days. The apple custard is so perfect it could have been made by your grandmother, and the crunch that you get every time you sink your teeth into the crisp tart shell is endlessly satisfying. I don't know how long these little guys would be around, but if you love apples this is surely a must-have.