My ceramics are intended to record the history of their use over time.
The clay body is durable, but over periods of frequent use, expect to see variations on their surfaces.
Things in nature are always in a constant state of change and transformation.
I find profound beauty in imperfections and unexpected, natural occurrences.
For this reason, I do not use glossy, flawless glazes.
The Matte glaze is porous by nature and will absorb colours from certain foods & spices, like curries, turmeric, beets, and tomato sauce.
A simple and gentle scrub with water and baking soda takes most, if not all, of those stains out.
Cutlery marks can be scrubbed off with a sprinkling of ‘Bar Keepers Friend’, baking soda or magic eraser.
For more stubborn cases, a little bit of bleach does the rest of the job.
As for the micro cracks, those are one of my favourite features of the glaze.
These are all dishwasher safe when time does not permit the luxury of handwashing.