Posted on August 30, 2011 by Klee

Here at Le Marché St. George it becomes quite clear quite quickly that Janaki has a not so subtle infatuation with her linens. Now this isn't any sort of criticism. I personally think that our shop is better for it; the linens you see through out and for sale at the shop come from a small family-run linen mill originating in Eastern Europe. After attending design school in London, the daughter of our linen manufacturer decided on promoting her country's rich but sadly forgotten art of linen making. We currently stocking her family's table cloths ($119.00-$146.00), runners ($32.50), towels ($ 49.95), shower glove ($14.95), napkins (Set of four $45.00) & dish towels ($29.95).

Photography & Discourse | Luis Valdizon