Old Faithful's Summer Market Pt. II

Posted on September 03, 2011 by Klee

Needless to say, Walter and Savannah of Old Faithful Shop know how to throw a successful event. Last sunday Klee and I went down to visit their sophomore summer market to represent Le Marché St. George. It was a lovely event that was really well put together. On a funny note, Lola was supposed to make an appearance, but she was left at home due to excessive crying, which is sad because if anyone should be the ambassador for Le Marché St. George it's Lola. She's just too adorable. Upon leaving Savannah handed Klee a gift bag, which she kindly shared with me. It was a really great Sunday afternoon; I'm glad to have spent part of it with such quality and talented company - thanks Klee.

Photography | Klee Larsen
Discourse | Luis Valdizon