Christmas Trees

Posted on December 12, 2011 by Luis Valdizon

Me: Klee, do you have a suggestion of how I can shoot these trees?
Klee: Yeah! we should shoot me sitting in front of the trees on Lola's rocking moose!
Me: I'm Game.
Klee: Let me run inside and get my winter coat.

I love when little collaborative ideas like this happen, especially when they're seasonal. This year at Le Marché St. George we are stocking Christmas trees from Columbia Valley Tree Farm. They are absolutely picturesque specimens. In my life I have no personally encountered a more perfect tree than the ones currently available at our shop. Columbia Valley Tree Farm take great pride in their trees and their sustainability. Their potted live trees, for example, can be replanted for a long term ecological benefit. They company cares about what they do and their impact on the environment, which is why we love them; that is, apart from being stunning.

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