Picker Shack Apple Juice

Posted on April 11, 2012 by Luis Valdizon

We are very proud to have such a wonderful product newly available at our shop. Apple juice shouldn't be too complicated. You take some apples and extract the juice from them. It's a simple process that somehow ended up getting out of hand. However, Scott Hawthorn, like ourselves, shares this philosophy and makes apple juice with one ingredient: apples. Scott is a well known restaurateur in Vancouver with ties to Salt Tasting Room, Judas Goat and Bitter Tasting Room. The apples for the juice are from his orchard, Picker Shack in Naramata, British Columbia. The product really speaks for itself. It has a very clean and fresh flavour profile. We have a sample box set up in the store for those of you curious enough to come by and try some. It's truly the best apple juice I've ever tasted!

Price | $14.95
Photography & Discourse | Luis Valdizon