Event Coverage: Con Leche Opening Night

Posted on May 15, 2012 by Luis Valdizon

Working at Le Marché, I am constantly reminded of a special energy, albeit subdued, but always apparent; it's the energy of an artist.

In the building I am surrounded by beautiful pieces created by the Larsen women and Mr. Crawford. Janaki's ceramics are nourishing: Simple, clean and an embodiment of her heart. The images that Klee photographs floor me, more often than not. Whenever we collaborate on a post on this blog, her photos become my favourites. Patricia's paintings are a textural wonder and I am so fortunate to also live with one of these in my home. A work of Patricia's is displayed in the Larsen family's living room, and I am incredibly jealous of it. Mr. Crawford's pieces have hung in the shop since I can remember. The art he creates is sturdy, but lyrical and fluid in its pattern. The gifts of the aforementioned are scattered throughout the house and shop, helping create that certain Le Marché je ne sais quois that I could try to replicate at home, but will ultimately never come close to.

Con Leche's opening night was surreal. It is marvelous, how the Larsen family can take a genre of events that is associated with pretension and rigidity, and turn it into something sweet and inviting. The sounds of people enjoying themselves filled the air, aided by champagne, strawberries and other treats. It was a beautiful day with the perfect early evening spring sun softly lighting up Marie's graceful suite upstairs. The pieces, some old, some new, finally had the audience and the attention they deserve. If you haven't had the chance to see the show, it will be open until the 4th of June. I highly recommend that everyone drop by.

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