Event Coverage: 2012 Heritage House Tour

Posted on June 04, 2012 by Luis Valdizon

Hundreds of people visited us on Sunday as part of Vancouver's 2012 Heritage House Tour, and Le Marché was as lively as it has ever been. It's always amazing to see new and seasoned patrons enjoying our hard work with looks of fondness and admiration.

While I was helping Charlotte at our little outdoor cafe/bake sale, I saw what was probably one of the best facial expressions ever, donned by a little girl who walked by with her mum. She saw all the deliciousness sitting on the table outside. It was the kind of smile akin to those of little ones seeing Mickey Mouse in-person for the first time at Disneyland; just beautiful.

The pop-up shop was lively as Patricia and Ronald entertained and educated the guests about their works. Across the hall from the Live @ Marché space, another stunning suite was opened up to the public, viewable for the first time. All in all it was a very special day. My highlight was receiving an order to make a vegetarian sandwich as we hustled to make a large batch of ones filled with ham, cheese, dijon mustard, and mixed greens. It was my pleasure to go out of the way to find the ingredients needed. I would happily exchange a little extra work to make someone's afternoon, any day of the week. I know everyone at Marché feels that way, too, and maybe that's the reason why long before working for Janaki and Pascal, it has always felt like a second home.

Photography & Discourse | Luis Valdizon