VNB Pop-up Photobooth & Darkroom at Le Marché St George

Posted on July 09, 2012 by Luis Valdizon

We are very excited to formally announce our collaboration with the wonderful folk at VNB Fine Art Photography Workshops! Details have been prepared by VNB, which you may read below below, and you can find more information about the company and on their website:

"On Bastille Day (Saturday, July 14, 2012) and Saturday, July 21, 2012 the VNB Fine Art Photo Workshops will be bringing loads of darkroom fun to the hood in an original portable package: Virginie and Bastien will mount their outdoors studio and darkroom tent at Marché St George to offer awesome portraits and on-the-spot training in Calotype Photography all day! This is a unique opportunity to experience one of the earliest and simplest 19th c. photographic processes today, and truly embrace retro-photo aesthetics sans
Instagram or Iphone! Stop being a pretender, come out and become a straight paper-shooter!
For your convenience, VNB will propose visitors 2 different options: You can choose to simply get beautiful, authentic and imperishable Calotype portraits of you and your family (1), or go all the way and enter the VNB Darkroom Tent for a quick 15mn 19th c. photographic refresher (2)!

To take your own portrait (individual or small group) you will be using a 4"x5" large format field camera mounted on a tripod, paper-loaded film holders, a simple portraiture lighting studio setup, and of course VNB’s diligent assistance. All technical aspects of the setting will be taken care of in advance, and Virginie or Bastien will double-check the composition and even focus the large format camera for you. All that will be left to you is the timing, and the squeezing of the air cable release to fire both the camera and strobe. If not opting for the Darkroom Workshop, the processing of your paper negative and final positive
print is then done by VNB. Your framed prints will then be available for pickup at Marché St George during regular opening hours from the following Wednesday.

If opting for the Calotype Workshop, you will next pick up your exposed paper holder at the back of the camera and enter the VNB Darkroom Tent. Inside you will be guided through the developing process of your paper negative under red illumination. Once dried out, you will contact print your paper negative onto a fresh piece of photographic paper using an enlarger, and then process your positive final print. After a quick wash, squeegee and drying process, both your negative and positive will be placed in classy sized frames, ready to be hung at home!

The Calotype process was patented by Sir William Henry Fox Talbot in 1841 in England, and is the ancestor of modern-day film photography. It basically involvesphotographing on light-sensitive paper rather than film. Calotype prints feature a nostalgic and soft definition, have great evocative power and deliver creamy, warm skin tones. A classic 19th century romantic aesthetic signature!"