Annual Recap: 2012

Posted on January 05, 2013 by Luis Valdizon

2012 has been an incredibly amazing journey with countless moments, people and gatherings to celebrate. I am endlessly grateful for being bestowed upon with the opportunity to capture many of them to share with you here.

Below you will find a brief list of posts that I believe reflect the true spirit of what Le Marché St George is truly about. We couldn't exist without the loving support of our community and patrons. We are ever thankful for everyone who spends a little time in our little shop on the corner of 28th street and St. George. You're all the fuel that keeps our little engine running strong. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

1)Second Birthday Celebration
2)Thanksgiving Dinner 2012
3) Sitting 'N Eating
4) Le Marché St. George's Backyard Chicken Coop
5) Con Leche Opening Night
6) Creanza Olive Oil tasting & Puglian Dinner N° 002
7) Butter on the Endive: Chef in Residence
8) Creanza Olive Oil tasting & Puglian Dinner