winter greens

Posted on February 26, 2013 by Klee

We have a young farmer named Alexander who brings us things. One week it may be brussel sprouts still on the stock, a big yellow bouquet of forsythia or of late, big bags of beautiful lettuce. I grew up on Saltspring Island,  so I was spoiled by what was an unquestioned amount of good food. Everything was grown outside under the sky and nothing compares to greens that have had access to real light, real water and real dirt. When these arrived, I was thrilled because I immediately recognized that these little mismatched leaves and fronds fit the above criteria perfectly. So, in the the tail end of winter it is a luxury to open the fridge door and see all this green, alive and dense waiting to go in my belly!
Supplies are limited so come get it while it lasts.
Thank you Alexander for all the surprises!

photo| Klee Larsen