Posted on May 27, 2013 by Klee

      Aside from the shop, I also have a studio in a back closet of the building. It may be the most unglamourous studio there ever was but it has also been my most prolific one.  Maybe because there is nothing to be distracted by, no gazing out the windows,  no re- arranging my collections or getting side tracked by visitors. I just go there to work.

           Almost a year ago I received an email from a stylist in New York who wanted to buy some work for a cook book. She was unable to tell me whom it was for but did tell me that the photographer would be Ditte Isager. I had a little freak out. I know both Ditte's work and that of her frequent stylist Christine Rudolf very well. I knew it would be a good. 

               In early April I was informed that it was Gwyneth Paltrow's new cookbook "It's all good" It is thrilling to see my pots, that were made in a closet, on the pages of such a beautiful cookbook. 
April also marked the opening of Andrea Carlson's new restaurant Burdock and Co. If you ever go for dinner there, you will likely be eating out of one of my bowls or plates. 

If you find yourself in London England you can now see a small selection of my work at Mouki.  A brand new boutique on Chiltern st.

Thank you to Christine, Rebecca, Andrea and Maria for the opportunity to see my work in such beautiful places!

photo's 1-3 |  Ditte Isager
photo 4| Con Poulos for Martha Stewart
photo 5| Janaki Larsen for Burdock and Co.