Making things in Oroville

Posted on October 30, 2013 by Klee

    The most common sight over the Thanksgiving weekend was this, everyone with their heads down, busy making things. I was fortunate to grow up with parents who make things all the time and that's how they kept us busy. It turns out that almost all the staff at Le Marché are artists of some kind, along with a good amount of our friends. Our friends Richelle and her husband Shawn came prepared with a big pot, a propane burner and a bag of materials and thread, my mother Patricia Larsen brought her years of experience of making with little more than dirt. Here's what was made with fire, left over mulled wine, milled stones, charcoal, used coffee, old books and simple bundles of grass woven onto an old board.

It is pretty inspiring to be able to create things with what's around you. Unplanned, spontaneous, resourceful and for no other reason than the sheer pleasure of making. Until next year Oroville, we'll miss you!

Photographs | Klee Larsen & Janaki Larsen