Pallarès Solsona Knives

Posted on July 29, 2014 by Luis Valdizon

As Janaki and I concluded our little shoot with Le Marché's first shipment of Pallarès Solsona Knives from Spain, I asked her "did we manage to shoot them all?." Janaki pondered for a minute and said, "no, there's one more pocket knife in olive wood." She began her careful search of the rogue knife, when a few brief moments later she conclude decisively "oh, that's right. I gave it to Pascal as an anniversary gift." It was right then I knew she had brought in something really really special. At first look and feel the knives are gorgeous. I was admiring one of the pairing knives for myself, but to my dismay Janaki hadn't gone about pricing them quite yet.

The next day, I was in a meeting with Dreyws of D-Original Sausage company, and near the end of the meeting I remembered that Janaki had taken one of his delightful fennel sausages and stuck a knife into it. A simple gesture that would prove to be beautiful. While I couldn't share the photograph that I took with him, I pulled up @lemarchestgeorge's instagram account and showed him the knives Janaki instagrammed during our shoot. "Good knives" he said. From the minuscule picture, Dreyws managed to pick out some very important details, including their craftsmanship and the fineness of the steel. His observations and approval spoke volumes about two things: 1) his knowledge of knives, which I never doubted (his credentials as a 5th generation sausage maker certainly give him an edge), and 2) the quality of the knives themselves.

The Pallarès Solsona knives are made of carbon steel, a metal with much more strength and character than your typical stainless-steel number. Every single knife is hand-crafted and hand-stamped in the quaint town of La Solsona, Spain. Our selection includes kitchen knives, pairing knives, and pocket knives with a boxwood or olive wood handle. Now available in at Le Marché' St. George.

Photographs and words by Luis Valdizon