Backyard Staff Gathering

Posted on August 15, 2014 by Luis Valdizon

"I hope you all don't expect something like this on your last day" Janaki said, humouring a hearty table of staff and friends at Le Marche's latest backyard gathering. The mood of the evening was bitter-sweet. Bitter, as the staff pot-luck dinner marked the official departure of Marche's resident chef, Kovic. And sweet, in light of the deeply beautiful people attending, dishes cooked with love, favourable temperature, and a serene, relaxed setting.

The beginning of the evening saw our kind neighbour, Sai, jump into Klee's kitchen and prepare green beans sourced from one of neighbours/urban farmers. Meanwhile, Klee happily prepared mushroom and goat cheese stuffed red peppers, and Melissa worked on her decadent coconut curry mussels. And just as the grill was fired, the backyard began to fill up with lovely sounds of inspired conversation and laughter that would prove to hold throughout the evening.

And when life spoils you with incredible food, drinks and company, it ought to be celebrated with vigour. And celebrate we did. Thank you, Kovic, for all your hard work and dedication in the kitchen, and for the joy that you brought to all of us with your superb cooking, warm personality and French charm. Good luck in your next adventure–we can't wait to visit!

Photographs and words by Luis Valdizon